Ok, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I loved Blue Peter growing up. It was one of my favorite programs, I always loved how they were able to literally make something out of nothing…. As a child I found it amazing! Over the years, it has led me on a journey of playful creativity. 20 years on that passion still remains and has organically flourished into the jewel ByGraceAmbrose.

I graduated as a graphic designer from Central Saint Martins and have since worked as a creative within a range of industries. I am constantly exposed to interesting things and therefore inspired by things that I see everyday.
As I’m always glued to some sort of technical device (computer, tablet, phone and everything else in-between) I find it very therapeutic making things by hand. I enjoy using colours, shape and playful techniques to create my pieces.

ByGraceAmbrose was officially started in the early part of 2013. The idea was to create unique bespoke statement pieces (with a twist). I am a true creative at heart and can find inspiration in the most obscure things and places. I love mixing playful ideas and techniques that allow me to discover new things; all of which have strongly influenced my designs to date.

The ByGraceAmbrose style is stylishly bold, bright and playful with statement pieces that are created to speak their own language with no needs for introductions. No words are required to make your outfit standout from the crowd with a ByGraceAmbrose statement piece. A ByGraceAmbrose piece is an extremely unique accessory to own.

Each piece is created by hand here in the UK, so they are very personal and unique to me. However, some pieces may be limited edition due to supply, whilst others will continue to be supplied to order as long as the resources to supply are available. I hope you find something that speaks to you. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Website: http://www.ByGraceAmbrose.com

Pin: @bygraceambrose
Instagram: @bygraceambrose
Facbook : @bygraceambrose
Twitter: @bygraceambrose
Google+: ByGraceAmbrose

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